A naturalized colony of blooming Cyclamen is elegant and enchanting. Native to the Mediterranean region, Cyclamen are herbaceous low growing plants produced from a tuber. In the cool, wet, seasons of the year diminuative flowers with upswept petals arise from the tuber in colors of deep magenta to white depending on the species. Attractive almost evergreen foliage follows or accompanies the blooms. They die down in the summer heat requiring no maintenance.

Although not as well known in the U.S. interest in these plants is growing. The information provided on how to grow, plant, and care for indoor florist Cyclamen or hardy species in the garden will prove helpful in successfully cultivating these amazing plants. Our web site provides specific information on the culture of the hardy cyclamen species we grow and sell, as well the general life cycle, flowers and foliage of the Genus Cyclamen . Explore! Enjoy!

Blossoms of Cyclamen hederifolium a Hardy Cyclamen that blooms in Autumn.

Blossoms of Autumn blooming Cyclamen hederifolium - a hardy cyclamen

Order Hardy Cyclamen Seeds

Fresh seeds of C.hederifolium and purpurascens are available in August, (NOTE - C.coum crop for 2020 failed). The best time to start seeds is in the Fall. Place an order to Buy Seeds and Tubers.

Grow Cyclamen in the Garden

The genus Cyclamen is comprised of about two dozen species. A handful of Cyclamen species are frost hardy and are able to grow outside in the garden with little to no care. They are ideally suited for culture in a shaded rockery or for naturalizing in light woodland borders in association with ferns and other hardy perennials. Cyclamen hederifolium is considered the hardiest, being robust, and one of the easiest to grow, even in the most hostile of gardening environments, the dry shade. Hardy cyclamen have a place in almost every garden, more on where to plant and how to Grow Hardy Cyclamen .

Grow Florist Cyclamen Indoors

The best known and most widely cultivated Cyclamen species in the U.S. are frost tender cultivars of C.persicum. These florist cyclamen, often received as a gift, are perceived as a difficult to care for indoor potted plant. C.persicum cultivars are the tallest and have the largest blossoms of any cyclamen. With 8-10 inch stems and a large range of colors they are very attractive flowering plants. They are best grown in a pot as they are tender to frost. How to grow and care for Potted Florist Cyclamen.

How to Plant Cyclamen Seeds and Tubers

Cyclamen grow from seed only. It takes a bit of patience to receive the reward of blooming plants but growing from seed is easy and inexpensive. With an average time of three years to bloom from seed few hardy cyclamen are found for sale at retail nurseries. Planting tubers is simple and most sold commercially will bloom the first season. How to Plant cyclamen seeds and tubers, or corms.