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Growing hardycyclamen from seed takes patience. It can take 3 years of growth before they will reach a blooming size. Be sure to read how to start and grow Cyclamen seed here.

These Cyclamen seeds are collected from specimens that exhibit strong blooming characteristics and exceptional foliage. Fresh seed available now. Bloom color predominantly pink but may include white. Shipping included - shipped by U.S.P.S. First-Class Mail.

Fresh seed August 1st!

Sorry, Cyclamen coum seeds not available this year.
Cyclamen hederifolium Seeds

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Orders for June 2021 can be placed starting July 1

Shipped in June only. Payable invoice sent in Spring. Information on planting tubers here.

Reserve Orders for tubers taken until supply runs out. Orders are limited to a maximum of 9 for each size as quantities are limited. For larger quantities contact me.

size measurement.

Tuber size is measured in circumference.
Divide size by pi(3.14) to get diameter.
Multiply centimeters by 2.54 to get inches.

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Cyclamen hederifolium
Cyclamen hederifolium pink

Mostly pink blooms though some may be white in the smaller sizes. Number of blooms increase with size.

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Cyclamen hederifolium White Form
Cyclamen hederifolium white

Bloom color is pure white. White form of hederifolium is not found in the wild but only in cultivated tubers.

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