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I began my acquaintance with hardy cyclamen in 1986, when I obtained a dozen 10 cm tubers from the Edgar Kline Nursery. I planted them in a shady area of poor soil near some azaleas and rhododendrons where I had been unsuccesful in getting any perrenials to grow. Since then I have been amazed at the performance of their spectacular bloom, almost evergreen foliage, and with virtually no effort on my part.

Cyclamen nursery bed in bloom

Cyclamen nursery bed in bloom

We have been shipping hederifolium seeds and tubers in very small numbers since the late 90's. Hardycyclamens.com is a licensed and certified Nursery in the state of Oregon. We are a very small operation dealing exclusively with Cyclamen. We grow all of our cyclamen tubers from seed. We hand inspect each tuber to be sure of the highest quality before shipping. Seed we collect from plants that exhibit fine bloom and foliage characteristics. All sales are being conducted on the internet.

At the moment we offer hederifolium tubers of all ages and sizes. We ship orders starting in late June when tubers become dormant. Coum, cilicium, pseudibercum, purpurascens and repandum are in varying stages of production and in the future we expect to offer tubers and seed of these species. Growing Cyclamen is a slow process which is not profitable for large commercial nursery operations except for hybrid C.persicum cultivars. There are a few small nurseries growing cyclamen commercially in the U.S. with many more in the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands. Check back again to see new offerings or subscribe to our Newsletter sent Spring and Fall.

Cyclamen Resources - Links

Plant Societies

Plant societies are a wonderful resource for gardeners. Listed are the big ones but these and local garden clubs are the best way to get information on growing cyclamen in your area. They have education classes for gardeners, plant shows and sales, and friendly communities for gardeners.

Cyclamen Society The Cyclamen Society conducts scientific research and exploration of Cyclamen species. Promoting the cultivation, conservation, and knowledge of Cyclamen genus. International Registration Authority for cultivars of all species of cyclamen except those of C. persicum. Membership gives access to their seed distribution of cultivated and collected wild species. Based in U.K. the society publishes a journal semi-annually.

North American Rock Garden Society is an organization devoted to enthusiasts of growing rock garden plants. Lots of information on plants, how to grow and create the specialized alpine or rock garden. They have a seed exchange that includes cyclamen species. There are 12 society chapters spread accross the U.S. Publishing a quarterly journal, sponsering garden exhibits, shows with plant sales, and education classes.

Alpine Garden Society based in the U.K. is a premier resource for gardeners of alpine and rock garden plants. They also have a seed exchange.


As a courtesy, if I don't have the cyclamen species you are looking for, these nurseries may.

Edgewood Gardens in Pennsylvania has a large selection of cyclamen species.

Robin Hansen Nursery in Oregon specializes in cyclamen by mail order.


There aren't many books devoted to Cyclamen. You might check your library for these titles as they are quite an investment, but they are a great resource and hold a wealth of knowledge. Links to Amazon.

Cyclamen: A Guide for Gardeners, Horticulturists and Botanists by Christopher Grey-Wilson

Genus Cyclamen: Science, Cultivation, Art and Culture by Brian Mathew